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Habitat is a fully integrated Environment Management firm providing a comprehensive suite of environment planning, management and rehabilitation services.  We provide consulting services including Environmental Impact Statements, Open Space Management Plans, Ecology Restoration Plans and have a fully equipped Bushland Regeneration team who deliver ecological restoration works. Over the past 11 years we have won numerous awards as recognition for excellence in both Environmental Planning and Ecological Restoration.


Habitat is comprised of two divisions Environmental Science and Ecological Restoration. Each division is made up of highly qualified, enthusiastic team members with an industry experience in excess of 10 years on average. Our Environmental Science team includes Ecologists, Arborists, Environmental Scientists and Botanists. Our Ecological Restoration team includes Bushland Regenerators, Weed Eradication Specialists, Botanists and Erosion Management Specialists.


Both divisions are dedicated to delivering outcomes that are both ecologically and economically sustainable. We understand the need to provide solutions that are based on common sense and are economically viable.


We don't advertise in the Yellow Pages or anywhere else. Our business is generated predominately by industry referrals and return customers. We note that the first three companies who referred work to us when we started 11 years ago continue to refer new clients today.


We pride ourselves on sensible, accurate professional advice and high quality workmanship. We're an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assured firm and also hold a Queensland Building Services Authority License.  Habitat takes an active industry involvement and holds current professional memberships with the Urban Development Institute of Australia, the Queensland Master Builders Association, EnviroIndustry Australia and Sustainable Development Gold Coast Inc.  


Since 1998 Habitat has completed over 500 environment planning and ecological restoration projects. We utilize our experience to successfully resolve the significant environmental challenges facing development projects in the 21st century. Feel free to speak to us, in strict confidence and obligation free, about how we may be able to assist your project.






Habitat Project News

07 April 2011 - Protection is Key to Habitat

14th Feb 2011 - Habitat awarded DESA, RMP, VMP, BMP

8 Feb 2011 - Habitat awarded VMP

3 Feb 2011 - Habitat awarded ECA, BESA, RMP, FFMP

1 Feb 2011 - Habitat awarded BESA, OSMP, SLI

28 Jan 2011 - Habitat awarded OSMP

21 Jan 2011 - Habitat awarded RMP

21 Jan 2011 - Habitat Awarded PVMP, RMP, OSMP

13 Jan 2011 - Habitat awarded VMP

25 Nov 2010 - Habitat awarded ECA and EPBC Referral

24 Nov 2010 - Habitat awarded VMP

15 Nov 2010 - Habitat awarded ECA

15 Nov 2010 - Habitat awarded FFMP

2 Nov 2010 - Habitat awarded SLI, OSMP

20 Oct 2010 - Habitat awarded OSMS

8 Oct 2010 - Habitat awarded DERM IR, MAR

3 Oct 2010 - Habitat awarded OSMS

1 October 2010 - Habitat awarded DERM IR

1 Oct 2010 - Habitat awarded VA

17 Sep 2010 - Habitat awarded VA and DERM IR

17 Sep 2010 - Habitat awarded VA and DERM IR

26 Aug 2010 - Habitat awarded RMP

17 Aug 2010 - Habitat awarded VMP and FFMP

13 Aug 2010 - Habitat awarded IR

13 Aug 2010 - Habitat awarded DESA, FFMP

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