15 April 09: All Main Roads lead to Habitat!

Habitat are pleased to announce that they have been awarded Panel provider status to the Qld Department of Main Roads. Specifically, this is for the provision of Environment Management and Environment Remediation services. Being appointed to the Main Roads Panel is a significant achievement and is a reflection of the high Quality Assurance policies employed by the Habitat team. Habitat is an ISO 9001:2000 accredited firm and is a registered Quality Assured supplier to the Queensland Government.


Habitat MD, Matt Keys said that the appointment of Habitat to the Main Roads panel opened up a number of exciting opportunities for the company. "By their very nature, the Qld Department of Main Roads are one of the largest infrastructure providers in Australia. Their project works are in extraordinarily different locations. One day you can be building a road through a desert and the next you may be building a bridge over a creek in a sub-tropical rainforest. As a result of these different locations, you need to have an excellent understanding of the practical application of Environment Science, Impact Assessment, Mitigation Planning and Rehabilitation works. Over the past ten years we've really honed our skills to be responsive to different project demands, so we're ready for any challenge that Main Roads may throw our way."


"The other element of the Panel appointment that is particularly gratifying is the recognition by Main Roads of our commitment to both Workplace Safety and Quality Assurance. Over the years we've developed an extensive range of policies addressing both Workplace Safety and Quality Assurance. These policies haven't been allowed to sit on a shelf, rather we institute the policies on a daily basis and obviously that is well regarded by Main Roads who often have their workers in hazardous workplace environments due to passing traffic and extensive use of heavy machinery. It's good to see that our commitment to safe work practices is being recognised by our appointment to the Panel."


Further Info: Matt Keys (+617) 5596 3355

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