10 May 09: The Advertising Execs think we stink!

Why? Because their annual bonuses won't be gained from the Habitat team! 

The reason for this is quite simple. With the exception of our website, we don't spend a bean on advertising. Not one razzoo. 'Surely a company who's operated for over ten years with a multi-million dollar annual turnover must spend at least some money on advertising?' Hmmm..... nup! 

Our business generation revolves around three simple streams, the first stream is provided by existing clients referring prospective new clients to us. The second stream is from Project Managers referring us to their clients due to our past achievements on other projects and the third stream is return business from past Habitat clients. 


Of course, we're not scared to bang on your door too if we really want your business!  


We don't engage in broadscale advertising because we sincerely believe that 'word of mouth' is by far and away the best form of advertising, bar none. In the absence of broadscale advertising, we can't rely on a new client being jagged by a snazzy Yellow Pages ad. Rather, we have to ensure that all clients continue to be well served, thereby providing us with ongoing employment and prosperity. 

This is reflected by the fact that the first three companies who gave work to Habitat 11 years ago continue to refer new business to us today.


Further Info: Matt Keys (+617) 5596 3355

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