18 February 2010: Habitat Gives Metricon the Butterflies

BUTTERFLIES are returning to Metricon’s Riva Vue development at Murwillumbah following the installation of thousands of native plants by Habitat Environment Management.


Habitat Environment Management has worked closely with the developer to rehabilitate the area by replanting native vegetation and incorporating a natural conservation corridor in the northern NSW estate.


Habitat Director Matt Keys, said the return of butterflies is a positive signal that biodiversity is thriving within Riva Vue.


“When insects such as butterflies return to a site it is a good indication that the ecological diversity is improving environmental condition is recovering,” he said.


“The rehabilitation project we have been working on with Metricon will ultimately result in the planting of more than 7000 endemic plants which will create a forest adjacent to the Rous River.”


“It’s been a blast working with Metricon who are extremely environmentally conscious and are dedicated to ensuring the development does not impede on the rural landscape. Initially, we worked with ecological consultants James Warren & Associates to correctly interpret their environmental master plan for the site.”


Mr Keys said the Riva Vue site is now in a much better environmental condition than during its previous life as a cane farm.


“At Habitat we are committed to delivering a positive outcome for both our client and the environment, and in my opinion the two can co-exist,” said Keys.


“These days, environmental concerns are at the forefront of any new development with developers becoming more aware of the importance of an environmentally sustainable site.”


Riva Vue is idyllically located alongside the Rous River and has been carefully designed so as not to impede on the rural landscape.


Riva Vue project manager Dale Scotcher, said it was extremely important that the development was restored to sound ecological condition.


“When we purchased the site which was previously a cane farm we made a commitment to the restoration of the land, through working closely with Habitat Environment Management we are embarking on completing a major ecological restoration strategy,” said Mr Scotcher.


“It is imperative to the development to protect the site and rehabilitate the land to a standard which will ultimately leave the site in better environmental condition then when we purchased it.


“Through Habitat’s current work on the site we are working to achieve this objective and are happy to see the return of wildlife to the development.”


For more information regarding Habitat Environment Management please contact Matt Keys on 0414677577 or (07) 5596 3355

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