14 Jan 2010 - Habitat awarded RMP

14 Jan 2010 - Habitat awarded RMP, FFMP

13 Jan 2010 - Habitat awarded FFMP and VMP

12 January 10:Habitat Hunting for the Environment
ENVIRO property specialist Habitat Environment Management has completed the first stage of a major ecological and environmental rejuvenation

11 Jan 2010 - Habitat awarded VMP

8 December 09: Fire in the sky near Robina CBD
BIODIVERSITY is sparkling in the night sky at Robina.   A local firefly population has been preserved and, almost

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They said it, not us!

Habitat Environmental have completed numerous environmental reports for THG Resource Strategists on behalf of clients. In the main the works undertaken have been whole of site ecologically studies relating to flora and fauna issues as well as requirements under the Vegetation Management Act. In each case Habitat have approached the service delivery with a high level of professionalism and provided timely, accurate and cost effective services.

Peter Sippel