Habitat Ecological Restoration

Commonly termed 'revegetation', Ecological Restoration rehabilitates disturbed sites to restore native flora and fauna values. However, simply replanting native plants is not Ecological Restoration. Failure to understand the complex relationships between flora and fauna at all levels will result in disappointment and on-going remedial costs for your development project.
Habitat is a specialist Ecological Restoration firm. It is very important to note that Landscaping and Ecological Rehabilitation are entirely different professional disciplines. Ecological Restoration inherently requires a very strong endemic botanical knowledge from those who are conducting the works on-site. To the untrained eye, a rather "weedy" looking vine may in fact be a native plant that provides an important food source for a native butterfly. The untrained eye would normally eradicate this "weed" with herbicide and that results in one less food source for a the butterfly. Or even worse, if the unskilled operater decides to eradicate all of these "weeds" that they encounter during their visit! 
Again, it's all about having extensive and proven native plant identificaction skills. 
Our team can advise clients where cost savings can be achieved by employing various successful regeneration techniques that we have developed over the past 10 years. Often bushland sites may only require selective weed removal. This minimises costs while allowing the existing seed bed to regenerate the forest effectively. This can prove to very cost effective while still delivering an excellent Ecological Restoration result.  Again, only an experienced and skilled bushland regenerator can make this decision.

Calling upon our qualified Environment Scientists, Botanists and Ecologists to assist in planning, design and construction, Habitat Ecological Restoration also backs up the science with skilled bushland regenerators to actually conduct the on-ground works.
The end result is cost effective and succesful long term improvements to the ecological health of the subject site.
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